Forth time around (another dylan reference)

I decided to remain quiet about the events that occurred the other night. Learning that goddess linda has been enjoying herself in another mans bed was mind blowing to say the least but I chose not to look so desperate and ask to many questions. I have always encouraged her to look for opportunities to find sexual fulfillment outside of our marriage and I’m guessing that was something she was ready to explore. At the moment nothing has changed and we still enjoy our special relationship and serving her like nothing has happened has kept me in a surreal subspace. I find myself working even harder to prove my worth.

In my mind she has found a man that excites her more than me. I want her to enjoy her freedom without any guilt and for her to know that her pleasure is my pleasure. I have read hundreds of fantasies of where a cuckoldress will make her husband publicly humiliate himself to satisfy her sadistic yearnings but I realistically know this is not what goddess linda desires. Having an affair with a younger man is basically going out of her comfort zone and more about satisfying my selfish needs. If she wishes to continue she has my blessing and my need to be humiliated hopefully will become an afterthought. I was cuckolded 3 times before but this time I believe I’m ready for the adventure.

Tease and denial before shopping trip.

We had the house to ourselves today and after locking the deadbolt it was time for some bondage. Linda enjoyed multiple orgasms the last three days and our kinky game was mostly for my benefit,or so I thought. She tied my hands above my head and ropes kept my feet apart as I stood naked in the livingroom. For an hour she alternated between whipping my ass and massaging my cageless cock.

Tease and denial was on the menu today and I was to let her know when I was getting too close to shooting my load. I haven’t been adding the days since my last orgasm but it’s probably been close to a month or more. She added more oil to my throbbing cock and whispered, your taking me shopping today aren’t you?” Yes mistress I whispered back. Your gonna buy me anything I want? Anything mistress anything for you.

I was told to put the cage on as well as the shock collar under my shorts and the teasing continued as we drove to the stores. My goddess wanted a new TV for the livingroom and I started to get annoyed when she insisted on an expensive 75 inch model. My mood quickly changed when a series of shocks had me doubled over in pain. Who’s the boss she asked in front of a small crowd of people near us. You are dear I said when 6 more shocks had me staring at the ground. You are goddess I said slightly louder and she replied, “good boy.” I wanted to turn and see some of the reactions around me but i was too embarrassed and horny as well. She got want she wanted as usual.

Who’s the boss? You are goddess!