Forth time around (another dylan reference)

I decided to remain quiet about the events that occurred the other night. Learning that goddess linda has been enjoying herself in another mans bed was mind blowing to say the least but I chose not to look so desperate and ask to many questions. I have always encouraged her to look for opportunities to find sexual fulfillment outside of our marriage and I’m guessing that was something she was ready to explore. At the moment nothing has changed and we still enjoy our special relationship and serving her like nothing has happened has kept me in a surreal subspace. I find myself working even harder to prove my worth.

In my mind she has found a man that excites her more than me. I want her to enjoy her freedom without any guilt and for her to know that her pleasure is my pleasure. I have read hundreds of fantasies of where a cuckoldress will make her husband publicly humiliate himself to satisfy her sadistic yearnings but I realistically know this is not what goddess linda desires. Having an affair with a younger man is basically going out of her comfort zone and more about satisfying my selfish needs. If she wishes to continue she has my blessing and my need to be humiliated hopefully will become an afterthought. I was cuckolded 3 times before but this time I believe I’m ready for the adventure.

Tortured cuckold

Sorry I haven’t written in a while but summer usually means company and there has been very little alone time of late. Yesterday was the first day we had to ourselves and linda and I filled the cooler with whiskey sours and sandwiches and headed to the beach. Thankfully I was allowed to keep the cockcage at home fearing the saltwater would damage the master lock. The constant fondling while driving left a tent in my bathing suit as we walked towards the beach. Linda decided where to set up the beach chairs by searching for the cutest lifeguard and positioning herself facing her eye candy. She was pushing my cuckold buttons as she frequently mentioned how hot that stud was. The tent never dissipated as she had me light her Virginia slims 120’s and apply lotion to her back and shoulders. Judging by her constant stares she was in the mood for the long haired blonde beach boy type.

After a couple of drinks with me massaging her feet and her making eye contact with him it seemed like everyone was noticing us. We headed to to the ocean for a swim when I turned around and she had stopped at the lifeguard stand for a quick chat. Knowing better to question her motives we continued to have a relaxing day and we stayed well beyond the setting sun.

As we pulled into the driveway my lady casually walked in the house to shower as I was told to vacuum the sand out of the trunk and wash the cooler and chairs. My goddess was drying off when I entered the bedroom and she soon instructed me to lock my unwashed penis and change into some dry shorts. You behaved very well today slave boy what shall be your reward? I was thinking of a well deserved orgasm but the chasity device told me otherwise. I mentioned either a nice long whipping session or maybe some tight bondage would be fun. You earned both she said as I happily fetched her crop from under the mattress. I wanted to jump on the bed but I still haven’t showered and sand was still clinging to my legs and toes. Get on all fours she barked as the whipping started before I could get in position. My ass and thighs got most of the attention as I said thank you mistress over and over with machine gun speed. I entered sub space rather quickly as the onslaught lasted around 10 minutes which left me well marked and longing for more.

I assumed that after my cropping had ended I would be positioned between her legs for some oral worshipping but she had other plans. I’m going to tie you up outside on the upstairs deck and hang towels on the railing so nobody can see you. As I was gathering enough rope I realised the deck was covered with purple olives from the huge olive tree hovering above. Let me sweep the deck first I asked and she said no ( you made your bed now lay in it). What she ment was cleaning the deck was part of my daily chores that I neglected all week.

I cannot describe how disgusting it was to lay naked on these purple sticky olives and be hogtied with tiny knats flying around me. The tree was over 20 ft high and when the olives fell they picked up speed and splattered around me. I kept my eyes closed hoping one wouldn’t hit my face and possibly blind me. My beautiful goddess opened the blinds so I can slowly watch her dress and left me pondering were she was going this evening. Every couple minutes i would hear a thump and splattering noise as another olive narrowly missed me. I had to squint as i watched her seductively pull her black yoga pants on and yellow tshirt along with her open toed sandals. The knats soon started circling my eyes and nose as I rocked back and forth trying to avoid them and in result covering my body in a quivering sticky itchy mess. The shades eventually closed as loud salsa music blared from the tv.

My First thought was she invited the lifeguard over for a night of fucking and didn’t want me to interfere. My second thought was she didn’t realize there would be knats attacking me and actually left the house and me alone outside. After a few moments an olive descending at lightning speed hit my chest and splattered scaring the shit out of me. This little fantasy was soon turning into paranoia and was becoming more unsafe by the minute. The loud music made it impossible to scream for help and each minute seemed like an hour. Self bondage is one thing but these knots were not loosing up and anxiety was setting in very quickly. The whole ordeal lasted around 15 minutes when the door opened and she untied me. Linda is no fool and she was watching me from the bathroom window the whole time. I never showed any stress as she untied her primative knots as I simply kissed her sandals as said thank you mistress. I took the longest shower in my life trying to calm down and soothe my sticky and itchy skin. When I exited the shower she was gone and with no explanation she decided to keep me in my obedient cuckold sub space until she returned a little past dawn. Breakfast was ready just like she knew it would be but I was completely spent sleeping until 10:30 with her also sleeping naked with a grin on her face. Was she asleep I’m still not sure.

Silent routine

206lbs weighed myself after breakfast not really treating it like a contest anymore after losing 30lbs. I would be happy with 2 pounds a month at this point. It’s all about the long haul or the big picture. Besides my physical health my mental state has never been better. My one time secret fantasy is now being played out pretty much anytime of the day with a firm understanding that it has become real and continually expected. After three full months of 24/7 slavery there are no more surprises. She knows when she kicks her shoes off in the middle of the room they will usually be put away within a minute. Ninety days in a row she wakes up to a highly organized house where her every need has been predicted and met. Clothes ironed,food cooked,pantries stocked,personal affairs taken care of as well as a sex slave in waiting.

We tried out the new riding crop briefly before she headed to work this evening. The first few lashes seemed lackadaisical and I was doubting the effectiveness of this implement. When I told her it wasn’t doing much she doubled up on the intensity and that did the trick. We only had 10 min to play before she jumped in the shower and I was really enjoying the intense whipping on my ass when it stopped. She said turn over and hands behind your back which I quickly did. She proceeded to lightly slap my balls and caged cock rhythmically enjoying a little sadism. I always found ball whipping hard to watch in videos so this moment got me a little nervous. I was surprised to actually enjoy it more the harder she hit me. It reminded me of getting shocked on the balls and I would flinch with minimal pain. I begged please kiss me while whipping me and she obliged. I felt like I was on cloud nine for a brief moment when she ended it quickly and left me in sub space.

Not a word was spoken,I was well trained in the daily routine that lasts between 45 or 48 minutes. Start shower,iron clothes, make coffee and snack,dry her,dress her,blow dry hair when she applies makeup,fold towels,wash plate and cup,then open car door to an idling car. All in 45 minutes without instructions. This ritual never deviates and lately more is added every few days. Today she saw me sitting on the bed checking on this site through the mirror as she combed her hair. Why didn’t you flush my toilet after I peed? She likes to wait till I’m down stairs to use the toilet and keep the lid down. She expects me to open the lid every time I enter her bathroom and check its condition. She said flush it and scrub it for corrective measure as she lifted her black high heels to my anticipating lips. A quick kiss goodbye and she was gone and i started typing for you.