292077 locked up

It has been a busy week around here with a lot of home improvements starting with the kitchen and now a new laminate floor is being installed. While jose the handyman worked during the day hanging cabinets I came home from work to remove carpeting prepping for his next job. I would see him in my house for an hour or so before he left and I can honestly say he is a really nice guy and their is zero awkwardness so far. The only person who seems rested and relaxed is my goddess linda.

As promised linda assured me my days off (Monday & Tuesday) we would spend together. We planned on going out to a seafood restaurant after I came home sunday afternoon and I made sure to skip lunch to appreciate my grilled mahi mahi. I called my goddess on my way home and she told me she forgot about a friends baby shower and will be home by 7pm. I noticed her car in the driveway and just assumed she went with a friend. I showered and took a nap knowing of her nocturnal tendencies and slept till 8:30. After I woke I knew better than to call her knowing a mistress doesnt appreciate a needy slave and I killed time watching TV. At 11:00pm I couldn’t take the hunger anymore and made a turkey sandwich while she casually walked through the door. Her eyes were red and her words were slurred as she took my sandwich and said good timing slave.

Controlling my anger I silently grabbed a slice of bread and some turkey and headed to the bedroom leaving her alone downstairs. She came upstairs got undressed and proceeded to watch videos on her iPad as I turned away from her and pretended to go to sleep. While she shamelessly played the videos too loud I realised I was horny and began kissing her feet hoping for stimulation. Get me a cigarette she demanded as I headed outside and realised her chair was wet from the earlier rain. I got on my hands and knees and invited her to use me as a chair with my palm held straight to be used as an ashtray. I lit her cigarette and never felt so submissive before as she blew smoke in my face and asked me why I have such an attitude?

I got emotional and told her I was a lazy slave. I gained five pounds in the last few months and reminded her that there was hair all over the bathroom floor. Two times you had no water on your end tables and you never complained. I never have your breakfast smoothie ready before work and you dont care. The othernight my chasity ring was too large and slipped off around my balls and I kept it off and you didn’t notice. I never exercise and I slowly drank all the extra beer from the party and you said not a word! At that point she extinguished her cigarette on my ass and said listen up slave.

You will wear the smallest ring with a numbered plastic lock around your balls and it will stay on until September 18th our 25th anniversary. If it’s too small and causes pain you will text me asking permission to remove it. I know Jose has been keeping me preoccupied, but from now on I will inspect every chore you have! I bet you haven’t noticed but I installed GPS on your phone and have been monitoring your location every few hours. My lover gets nervous and feels better when your stuck at work. Speaking of work you will deposit your check in my account from now on. Is that want you want cuckold slave? You will loose 5 pounds by Sept 18th understood? You will always be my slave and now I’m tightening the screws.

We ended up back in bed and i quietly kissed every inch of her body only asking permission to lick her pussy. She said go ahead cucky as I noticed her lips were stretched and and it was all red and swollen as I noticed a strange odor and dampness. I realised it was my first cream pie and she soon asked for the whip. She whipped me steady and hard like a drunk horny women would. “Real men don’t masturbate they fuck hard,” she said as the whipping continued. After she came again I realised maybe less complaining would have been advised. When she awakes I will have my numbered lock in place with a ring way too small.

I know,he doesn’t

After much patience linda has finally revealed who her new lover is. His name is Jose and he has been doing home improvements in our house on and off for over a year. We usually save up some money every few months and hire him to build a closet or put down wooden floors as well as building a deck outside. His limitations with the english language leaves our conversations on the short side but linda and Jose seem to talk all day long . Jose is a 27 year old single man who rents an apartment 20 mins from our house and most of his jobs have been in our development. Even when he’s not working for us I would see him shopping or at the gas station so he’s basically a local guy.

Obviously my first question was how long? Two months was her reply and knowing that this was my idea makes the conversation relaxed and non judgemental. He innocently flirted and she cautiously flirted back until a kiss quickly escalated to a quick fuck on our marital bed. They both quickly got dressed as he continued his drywall task and she left the house with a sense of nervousness and guilt. She returned an hour later when her sister April came home and called her. Linda felt more comfortable having somebody home with her as he worked and they would never have sex in our house again.

His place was another story! His apartment was used frequently like some hidden motel room where all nervousness dissolved. Linda would wake up at noon to get some morning sex while he enjoyed a happy lunch hour. One hour a day was all they wanted and they would part ways there after. No phone calls no texts all arrangements were verbal. Jose constantly asked her if I was a suspicious jealous husband and she assured him that I was a mellow guy who trusts his wife to vacation with friends without him. We spend my days off together and that’s not going to change she promised.

Today was all about me! From 1pm to 6pm we were alone in the house but we stayed in our locked bedroom (dungeon). After I served her breakfast in bed we watched cuckold videos where the cuck was in bondage and I watched while being chained to the bed. She teased my unlocked cock with oil as she dangled an unlit Virginia slims 120 from her lips.(no smoking in the house). She told me from now on Jose’s cock will be pleasing her and your little dick is only for teasing. She grabbed her whips and made me count out loud followed by a thank you mistress after every lash. She stroked and whipped me until I shot my load 5 feet in the air. It’s been a few months since my last release and it showed. It was 2:30 when my horniness subsided but she wasn’t done with me yet. She lazily started watching TV with me still bound and started adding clothespins all over my body. She teased and played with me until I was hard again. This time she kissed me and stroked me until I was ready for round two.

I want you nice and hard before your cage goes back on cucky. All I could say is yes mistress over and over again. Jose is coming back tomorrow to start working on the kitchen cabinets and I want you buy him some coranas and a lime. While your shopping buy some steak for our lunch so I can show him my cooking skills. When you get home from work I will probably be in his bed but dont worry you will have a chore list to keep you busy while I’m gone. Listening to her talk while stroking me almost made me shoot my load but she stopped just in time. She waited till my raging hard on subsided and locked me up again. You don’t think I’m gonna wait till tomorrow for my next orgasm as she directed my tongue to her drenched pussy. After she came twice on my sticky face it was time for her coconut oil massage

April came home after work and I told her linda took a nap. I headed to the store to buy Jose’s steak and beer and I was basically ignored long enough to write this post

Tortured cuckold

Sorry I haven’t written in a while but summer usually means company and there has been very little alone time of late. Yesterday was the first day we had to ourselves and linda and I filled the cooler with whiskey sours and sandwiches and headed to the beach. Thankfully I was allowed to keep the cockcage at home fearing the saltwater would damage the master lock. The constant fondling while driving left a tent in my bathing suit as we walked towards the beach. Linda decided where to set up the beach chairs by searching for the cutest lifeguard and positioning herself facing her eye candy. She was pushing my cuckold buttons as she frequently mentioned how hot that stud was. The tent never dissipated as she had me light her Virginia slims 120’s and apply lotion to her back and shoulders. Judging by her constant stares she was in the mood for the long haired blonde beach boy type.

After a couple of drinks with me massaging her feet and her making eye contact with him it seemed like everyone was noticing us. We headed to to the ocean for a swim when I turned around and she had stopped at the lifeguard stand for a quick chat. Knowing better to question her motives we continued to have a relaxing day and we stayed well beyond the setting sun.

As we pulled into the driveway my lady casually walked in the house to shower as I was told to vacuum the sand out of the trunk and wash the cooler and chairs. My goddess was drying off when I entered the bedroom and she soon instructed me to lock my unwashed penis and change into some dry shorts. You behaved very well today slave boy what shall be your reward? I was thinking of a well deserved orgasm but the chasity device told me otherwise. I mentioned either a nice long whipping session or maybe some tight bondage would be fun. You earned both she said as I happily fetched her crop from under the mattress. I wanted to jump on the bed but I still haven’t showered and sand was still clinging to my legs and toes. Get on all fours she barked as the whipping started before I could get in position. My ass and thighs got most of the attention as I said thank you mistress over and over with machine gun speed. I entered sub space rather quickly as the onslaught lasted around 10 minutes which left me well marked and longing for more.

I assumed that after my cropping had ended I would be positioned between her legs for some oral worshipping but she had other plans. I’m going to tie you up outside on the upstairs deck and hang towels on the railing so nobody can see you. As I was gathering enough rope I realised the deck was covered with purple olives from the huge olive tree hovering above. Let me sweep the deck first I asked and she said no ( you made your bed now lay in it). What she ment was cleaning the deck was part of my daily chores that I neglected all week.

I cannot describe how disgusting it was to lay naked on these purple sticky olives and be hogtied with tiny knats flying around me. The tree was over 20 ft high and when the olives fell they picked up speed and splattered around me. I kept my eyes closed hoping one wouldn’t hit my face and possibly blind me. My beautiful goddess opened the blinds so I can slowly watch her dress and left me pondering were she was going this evening. Every couple minutes i would hear a thump and splattering noise as another olive narrowly missed me. I had to squint as i watched her seductively pull her black yoga pants on and yellow tshirt along with her open toed sandals. The knats soon started circling my eyes and nose as I rocked back and forth trying to avoid them and in result covering my body in a quivering sticky itchy mess. The shades eventually closed as loud salsa music blared from the tv.

My First thought was she invited the lifeguard over for a night of fucking and didn’t want me to interfere. My second thought was she didn’t realize there would be knats attacking me and actually left the house and me alone outside. After a few moments an olive descending at lightning speed hit my chest and splattered scaring the shit out of me. This little fantasy was soon turning into paranoia and was becoming more unsafe by the minute. The loud music made it impossible to scream for help and each minute seemed like an hour. Self bondage is one thing but these knots were not loosing up and anxiety was setting in very quickly. The whole ordeal lasted around 15 minutes when the door opened and she untied me. Linda is no fool and she was watching me from the bathroom window the whole time. I never showed any stress as she untied her primative knots as I simply kissed her sandals as said thank you mistress. I took the longest shower in my life trying to calm down and soothe my sticky and itchy skin. When I exited the shower she was gone and with no explanation she decided to keep me in my obedient cuckold sub space until she returned a little past dawn. Breakfast was ready just like she knew it would be but I was completely spent sleeping until 10:30 with her also sleeping naked with a grin on her face. Was she asleep I’m still not sure.

Queens throne

I was just reminded by text that I didn’t publicly display my weight as instructed. (205.8lbs) My mistress is at work and it has not been a good day for either of us. One of those days as dylan would say,” Everything is broken” I found myself getting irratated and snappy as the day progressed . Eventually I apologized to my goddess and jokingly said I deserve a good whipping but I might enjoy it too much. She replied I know how to punish you,I just wont let you touch my body for a week. That realization actually made me nervous until she said thank goodness you apologized other wise I would make your life miserable.

As she was heading out the door I got on my knees and kissed both of her shoes and said,” I’m sorry again mistress please look around and give me enough chores to keep me under your control for the rest of the night.” She came up with cleaning both porches,laundry,mopping floors and then the dreaded walk for cigarettes in the chilly rain. Odometer was checked and the receipt better say Walgreens with date and time. This time I passed 7-11,walmart and the local supermarket and was not allowed to shop at any of them as the rain continued. I asked for 3 bags to keep them dry under my raincoat and proceeded with my hour walk home.

My last chore to complete this evening is the most difficult,the back porch. The porch is screened in and the landscapers always shoot the dust around with their leaf blowers. I some times set a folding table out there and serve my beautiful goddess a late breakfast or lunch when the weather is nice. My grandson has a lot of toys out there and they get dirty every thursday. Cleaning hotwheels tracks with paper towels and windex becomes very tedious. I put all the toys in containers and stacked them in the far wall and decided to use the empty space for a queens throne. I’m thinking about being her ashtray slave when she comes home tonight. She usually goes straight to bed but maybe she will read this post and decide to have a quick smoke. Considering friday is a busy night when working she won’t get to read this but I’m prepared anyway.

Thank you goddess

A couple of hours have past since posting my fantasy choices (which she read earlier in the day) and all the toys were presented on the bed with some rope and belts. Linda decided this was gonna be a late night affair so she could prepare herself to working the 8-4am shift tomorrow after such a long vacation. She told me to take a nap knowing I have to be up by 7 in the morning for work. It would seem that scheduling this session earlier would give me more time to recover and she really was only watching TV at her sisters house,but I must learn she makes the rules.

I finally got to sleep for a couple hours when around 12:30 she rings my phone and tells me to buy her pack of Virginia Slims 120 gold pack and and a lighter. I happily told her I was prepared and bought them earlier. She told me to walk to the seven eleven and buy another pack and show her the receipt. She then changed her mind and said walk to walmart buy some clothespins,icey hot,my cigarettes and text me the price tag on the biggest dog cage they have as well as the smallest you can fit in on your knees. I said please mistress can you text me your list so I don’t forget anything and she said she would after I text her a selfie of my cockcage in the walmart bathroom mirror. A little public humiliation is a good thing.

The 30 min walk was uneventful so i put a couple of clothespins on my nipples for a little foreplay but i soon lost interest and took them off. I need to be forced to wear them to make it obediently exciting. The sound of the master lock tapping the plastic chasity device gave an annoying sound as I walked. I was getting frustrated just wanting this session to start but then realized this session started when she drove away this morning in her car.

I headed straight to the bathroom for a quick selfie of my lock in place. Usually I tape a little piece of paper towel or tissue paper around the lock so nobody could hear it but for proof I chose not to. I didn’t have to pee yet but i forced myself because it is impossible to urinate anywhere even in the woods without getting your pants soaking wet. You have to pull your pants and underwear completely off naked and squatting hoping your cage doesn’t shoot the stream of urine in every direction. That’s why you have to sit down on the toilet to be problem free.

Completing all my tasks I called linda and she didn’t answer after 2 tries.i texted her that I’m home and went to sleep. At 2:30 she calls waking me telling me to be kneeling next to the bedroom door and that she’s leaving now. I got about 15 minutes until she climbs the stairs but i start kneeling immediately wanting to be as obedient as possible. At 3:15 I was no longer being obedient as I sat until I heard the front door closed and the lock turned.i was kneeling with my eyes looking downwards when the door opened.

You got 2 minutes to pour me a glass of wine and get my cigarettes .I want you kneeling naked on the outside deck next to my chair. I ran quickly downstairs and slowly upstairs with her wine as she used the toilet with her ever present phone in hand. I lit her cigarette as she enjoyed blowing smoke in my face. I could smell vodka on her breath as it turned out she needed a few drinks before contemplating this new experience. It turns out she took an uber home that’s why she was so late and not actually keeping me in suspense. She told me she would never use my tongue as an ashtray because it has to be clean for her kisses and for licking her body later. When she was done smoking she simply handed it to me and I threw it in the grass. She quickly went back to the bedroom saying she was cold not even realizing that she had a light jacket on and I was naked.

After removing my cockcage, Goddess linda tied my wrists to the shelves in the her closet. She then proceeded to go through the hamper and put four pairs of her dirty panties over my head so to restrict my vision as well as smelling her unwashed pussy. These were worn in jamaica and she tells me why aren’t they washed and folded in my drawer yet? Before I could say sorry mistress I will do better,she starts whipping my ass real hard with the crop over and over and over again. Starting to count was useless so I must have said sorry mistress about 30 times until she stopped. In hind site I should have told her that the proper way to start a whipping is with a flogger slowly to prepare the skin for a more severe whipping (I’m well read on this subject) but she’s learning and I didn’t want to ruin my long awaited moment. Just like in my last post she edged me every 10 minutes and left me breathing heavy while she suddenly stopped all sensations. I especially enjoyed her French kisses while her oiled palms slowly massaged my swollen balls.

Linda my beautiful queen looked at the clock and said it’s 4:24am and that means I should be coming home from work right about now. And if I want to keep on schedule that means it’s time for my slaves tongue followed by my massage. Before I buried my face between her legs and fondle her beautiful breasts she started sucking me very slowly again until I pulled out barely able prevent an accident. I layed on my belly unable to move for 20 seconds trying not spill a drop as my cock twitched uncontrollably. Now I was ready to attack that pussy like a mad man. I bought a strap on for an occasion like this when I’m to sensitive to fuck but after trying it out previously she hated it and refused to let me use it on her. My tongue did some quick work and she fell asleep around 5:00am in the first 5 minutes of her massage. Her bottle of water was filled to the top so I closed my eyes only to open them in 2 hours. Linda it turns out got her 8 hours of sleep waking around 1pm and proceeded to go out to lunch with her best friend and get her hair done. I at the same time was walking around dead tired and every tap of the lock on my cage makes me think of last night. Love you so much goddess! You did better than I thought you would.

Goddess thinking about a purchase