Temporary slave quarters

I haven’t had much to write about the last few weeks. My mother in law was in the hospital and as millions of others we prepared for a hurricane for over a week. Now that things have calmed down it means home improvements have restarted with earnest. My goddess has commanded me to withdraw a good amount of money from my 401k to make sure her palace is beautified by her hard working lover. Just as one job is finished she finds more things for him to do.

The kitchen is done and now she wants new floors upstairs also. He measured all the floors and quoted a price including materials and labor. Linda asked for a discount if her husband would remove the carpets and move the furniture and he agreed. He offered to take us to floors and decor to pick out the materials and linda quickly agreed. Linda turned around and gave me that look and I knew what she wanted me to say. “You two go ahead” and I added “she knows what she wants”. I watched them drive away in his big truck and decided to watch some college football.

Ten minutes later I get a text saying, “start removing the carpet slaveboy!” He dropped her off at the house two hours later and drove away leaving her to shower and take a nap. I offered to cuddle with her but she reminded me of my chores and I new not to ask again. When it was time to go to work I brought her coffee and a sandwich and ironed her clothes. I worked until midnight texting her pictures of my progress every two hours. Jose started on monday morning after i went to work and he finished the bedroom first. The second day he was remodeling the bathroom in the master bedroom upon her request and the rest of the upstairs was taking a backseat.

Mistress linda wanted me to know that jose was parked at the shopping center early the last 2 mornings waiting until my car drove by and he visited her soon after that. They fucked for a couple hours and he sent his crew over to start working while he started another job. Linda napped in her sisters room while they worked all day. April was away all week taking care of her mother and linda enjoyed herself in our marital bed. I asked for some tease and denial after hearing about her affair and she was more than eager. She decided to give me a good whipping in her makeshift slave room declaring I didn’t deserve any comfort.

my balls were massaged while the cage stayed on and she had me shaking with desire. She used every tool in our toy chest for over and hour and then her mood turned sour. Why are you so lazy? she inquired as she grabbed the crop and started whipping me all over my naked body. Jose wants to know why there’s carpet still on the stairs? I said I was sorry mistress but she didn’t let up with her whip. The evening ended up with me on my knees removing carpet while she relaxed on her bed watching tv. Tomorrow he will send somebody to fish the stairs and it better be prepped properly.

I worked for 2 more hours and I was sent to my mattress to sleep on the wooden floors wearing my collar and hood as a reminder of my new cuckold status. Tomorrow starts another day of blissful torment from my loving goddess.

Forth time around (another dylan reference)

I decided to remain quiet about the events that occurred the other night. Learning that goddess linda has been enjoying herself in another mans bed was mind blowing to say the least but I chose not to look so desperate and ask to many questions. I have always encouraged her to look for opportunities to find sexual fulfillment outside of our marriage and I’m guessing that was something she was ready to explore. At the moment nothing has changed and we still enjoy our special relationship and serving her like nothing has happened has kept me in a surreal subspace. I find myself working even harder to prove my worth.

In my mind she has found a man that excites her more than me. I want her to enjoy her freedom without any guilt and for her to know that her pleasure is my pleasure. I have read hundreds of fantasies of where a cuckoldress will make her husband publicly humiliate himself to satisfy her sadistic yearnings but I realistically know this is not what goddess linda desires. Having an affair with a younger man is basically going out of her comfort zone and more about satisfying my selfish needs. If she wishes to continue she has my blessing and my need to be humiliated hopefully will become an afterthought. I was cuckolded 3 times before but this time I believe I’m ready for the adventure.


(Wed 2pm) I should have taken a photo before I started but linda knows what it looked like. I already have been shopping at home depot twice already but it looks I need to go again with some of the plumbing parts not fitting properly. Goddess linda wants pictures to make sure I’m working and not drinking beer with my old neighbors like I use to do. In fact I’m not allowed to drink at all unless I ask permission first. She usually says yes the rare times I ask, but she enjoys the control she has over me. While shopping for a new vanity I took photos of everyone that would fit and patiently waited until the queen has made her decision . It literally took 20 minutes to choose as I waited patiently for her to call me back. When she did call back she said sorry it took so long I thought my boyfriend would never leave. Was she serious or not I didn’t ask,but it got me thinking about it the rest of the day.