Goddess linda came home from work the other night at 4:20am as usual and assumed I was sleeping but tonight I was awake and I pretended not to be. I watched her secretively as she undressed and put her tshirt on and got ready for bed. I noticed she was inspecting the toilet and moved the toilet brush on the floor looking for dirt and was happy that she was checking that my chores were done properly. She promised to be more strict with me and she was keeping her word. I was told to give April’s room a good cleaning which I did and she then checked her bathroom. I scrubbed her shower and sink and restocked her shampoo and toilet paper as well as windex the mirror and wiped around the toilet.

The next thing linda did was pick up my phone and searched high and low for all my activities. She knows exactly which streets I traveled on and checked both of my bank accounts looking for any withdrawals. She checked my Google history and then as I was peaking through squinted eyes she hit the jack pot. Oh shit I forgot to delete my history! She grabbed her earphones from the dresser and started to play the videos i watched on youporn. I usually keep my history intact and manually delete any porn that i viewed but today i left around a dozen videos out of the 60 or so that i watched.

It turns out I was viewing videos of a cuckoldress making her slave husband dress her for her dates with other men. I knew I wasn’t in trouble because I still wear my chasity cage when I’m at home. She probably thinks I left it there on purpose to give her ideas but that is what this blog is for. If godess linda is reading which she eventually will, I should state right know that I would love to watch her with Jose but most men would run for the hills so I know it wont happen. The guy works cheap and does excellent work (that’s what she says) so I don’t want to push my luck.

I got a text today at work with this image and her size and was instructed to stop at the mall and purchase it at Victoria’s secret. I dealt with rush hour traffic only to find they dont have it in stock. I sat in the parking lot and ordered online and headed home to find an empty house. Maybe in a few days I will get to see her big breast in red lingerie or maybe I wont. We shall see.

292077 locked up

It has been a busy week around here with a lot of home improvements starting with the kitchen and now a new laminate floor is being installed. While jose the handyman worked during the day hanging cabinets I came home from work to remove carpeting prepping for his next job. I would see him in my house for an hour or so before he left and I can honestly say he is a really nice guy and their is zero awkwardness so far. The only person who seems rested and relaxed is my goddess linda.

As promised linda assured me my days off (Monday & Tuesday) we would spend together. We planned on going out to a seafood restaurant after I came home sunday afternoon and I made sure to skip lunch to appreciate my grilled mahi mahi. I called my goddess on my way home and she told me she forgot about a friends baby shower and will be home by 7pm. I noticed her car in the driveway and just assumed she went with a friend. I showered and took a nap knowing of her nocturnal tendencies and slept till 8:30. After I woke I knew better than to call her knowing a mistress doesnt appreciate a needy slave and I killed time watching TV. At 11:00pm I couldn’t take the hunger anymore and made a turkey sandwich while she casually walked through the door. Her eyes were red and her words were slurred as she took my sandwich and said good timing slave.

Controlling my anger I silently grabbed a slice of bread and some turkey and headed to the bedroom leaving her alone downstairs. She came upstairs got undressed and proceeded to watch videos on her iPad as I turned away from her and pretended to go to sleep. While she shamelessly played the videos too loud I realised I was horny and began kissing her feet hoping for stimulation. Get me a cigarette she demanded as I headed outside and realised her chair was wet from the earlier rain. I got on my hands and knees and invited her to use me as a chair with my palm held straight to be used as an ashtray. I lit her cigarette and never felt so submissive before as she blew smoke in my face and asked me why I have such an attitude?

I got emotional and told her I was a lazy slave. I gained five pounds in the last few months and reminded her that there was hair all over the bathroom floor. Two times you had no water on your end tables and you never complained. I never have your breakfast smoothie ready before work and you dont care. The othernight my chasity ring was too large and slipped off around my balls and I kept it off and you didn’t notice. I never exercise and I slowly drank all the extra beer from the party and you said not a word! At that point she extinguished her cigarette on my ass and said listen up slave.

You will wear the smallest ring with a numbered plastic lock around your balls and it will stay on until September 18th our 25th anniversary. If it’s too small and causes pain you will text me asking permission to remove it. I know Jose has been keeping me preoccupied, but from now on I will inspect every chore you have! I bet you haven’t noticed but I installed GPS on your phone and have been monitoring your location every few hours. My lover gets nervous and feels better when your stuck at work. Speaking of work you will deposit your check in my account from now on. Is that want you want cuckold slave? You will loose 5 pounds by Sept 18th understood? You will always be my slave and now I’m tightening the screws.

We ended up back in bed and i quietly kissed every inch of her body only asking permission to lick her pussy. She said go ahead cucky as I noticed her lips were stretched and and it was all red and swollen as I noticed a strange odor and dampness. I realised it was my first cream pie and she soon asked for the whip. She whipped me steady and hard like a drunk horny women would. “Real men don’t masturbate they fuck hard,” she said as the whipping continued. After she came again I realised maybe less complaining would have been advised. When she awakes I will have my numbered lock in place with a ring way too small.

Paying the handyman

The kitchen cabinets are up as well as the new backsplash behind the sink and my mistress linda has never been happier. The kitchen sink was filled with dishes and the counter tops were filled with tools and dust as if Jose the handyman was in a rush to leave. Empty beef bottles and a bottle of wine littered the area as I later learned jose rushed home to shower and my wife promised to clean it all before meeting him at his place. Goddess was leaving me a message that my chores were to be completed as she rode his cock into the sunset. Jose assumed I came home to a spotless kitchen and would be thankful for his craftsmanship but he didn’t realise that I was aware or everything going on.

I was cleaning the kitchen quickly before April got home to avoid further humiliation when the phone rang. Linda was on speakerphone telling me she was drinking wine with her girlfriend and would be home late. I said no problem and offered to pick her up but she assured me in a few hours she would be okay to drive. I pictured the two snuggling in bed as I quickly prepared dinner for April. Fish ,broccoli,and rice was waiting for my sister in law when she got home as I closed my bedroom door when she entered the house.

This cuckold lifestyle was really getting me horny when I realised the extra key to my chasity was no longer in the envelope on the dresser as goddess anticipated my desire to edge myself. I was planning on asking permission but she denied it in advance. As I was watching the ball game I received a text. I want you in bondage with my red panties over your face waiting for me. I replied yes mistress and carried out her instructions. Was this going to be my first cream pie I pondered as I watched the mets and Marlins through the fabric of her aromatic crotched underwear?

My alarm woke me at 6:30 am and I was still tied spread eagle with her panties over my head all alone. I untied myself and showered thinking my paycheck was needed to pay Jose for all the HARD work he was doing. Everybody is happy at this point and only he is left in the dark for now.

I know,he doesn’t

After much patience linda has finally revealed who her new lover is. His name is Jose and he has been doing home improvements in our house on and off for over a year. We usually save up some money every few months and hire him to build a closet or put down wooden floors as well as building a deck outside. His limitations with the english language leaves our conversations on the short side but linda and Jose seem to talk all day long . Jose is a 27 year old single man who rents an apartment 20 mins from our house and most of his jobs have been in our development. Even when he’s not working for us I would see him shopping or at the gas station so he’s basically a local guy.

Obviously my first question was how long? Two months was her reply and knowing that this was my idea makes the conversation relaxed and non judgemental. He innocently flirted and she cautiously flirted back until a kiss quickly escalated to a quick fuck on our marital bed. They both quickly got dressed as he continued his drywall task and she left the house with a sense of nervousness and guilt. She returned an hour later when her sister April came home and called her. Linda felt more comfortable having somebody home with her as he worked and they would never have sex in our house again.

His place was another story! His apartment was used frequently like some hidden motel room where all nervousness dissolved. Linda would wake up at noon to get some morning sex while he enjoyed a happy lunch hour. One hour a day was all they wanted and they would part ways there after. No phone calls no texts all arrangements were verbal. Jose constantly asked her if I was a suspicious jealous husband and she assured him that I was a mellow guy who trusts his wife to vacation with friends without him. We spend my days off together and that’s not going to change she promised.

Today was all about me! From 1pm to 6pm we were alone in the house but we stayed in our locked bedroom (dungeon). After I served her breakfast in bed we watched cuckold videos where the cuck was in bondage and I watched while being chained to the bed. She teased my unlocked cock with oil as she dangled an unlit Virginia slims 120 from her lips.(no smoking in the house). She told me from now on Jose’s cock will be pleasing her and your little dick is only for teasing. She grabbed her whips and made me count out loud followed by a thank you mistress after every lash. She stroked and whipped me until I shot my load 5 feet in the air. It’s been a few months since my last release and it showed. It was 2:30 when my horniness subsided but she wasn’t done with me yet. She lazily started watching TV with me still bound and started adding clothespins all over my body. She teased and played with me until I was hard again. This time she kissed me and stroked me until I was ready for round two.

I want you nice and hard before your cage goes back on cucky. All I could say is yes mistress over and over again. Jose is coming back tomorrow to start working on the kitchen cabinets and I want you buy him some coranas and a lime. While your shopping buy some steak for our lunch so I can show him my cooking skills. When you get home from work I will probably be in his bed but dont worry you will have a chore list to keep you busy while I’m gone. Listening to her talk while stroking me almost made me shoot my load but she stopped just in time. She waited till my raging hard on subsided and locked me up again. You don’t think I’m gonna wait till tomorrow for my next orgasm as she directed my tongue to her drenched pussy. After she came twice on my sticky face it was time for her coconut oil massage

April came home after work and I told her linda took a nap. I headed to the store to buy Jose’s steak and beer and I was basically ignored long enough to write this post

Forth time around (another dylan reference)

I decided to remain quiet about the events that occurred the other night. Learning that goddess linda has been enjoying herself in another mans bed was mind blowing to say the least but I chose not to look so desperate and ask to many questions. I have always encouraged her to look for opportunities to find sexual fulfillment outside of our marriage and I’m guessing that was something she was ready to explore. At the moment nothing has changed and we still enjoy our special relationship and serving her like nothing has happened has kept me in a surreal subspace. I find myself working even harder to prove my worth.

In my mind she has found a man that excites her more than me. I want her to enjoy her freedom without any guilt and for her to know that her pleasure is my pleasure. I have read hundreds of fantasies of where a cuckoldress will make her husband publicly humiliate himself to satisfy her sadistic yearnings but I realistically know this is not what goddess linda desires. Having an affair with a younger man is basically going out of her comfort zone and more about satisfying my selfish needs. If she wishes to continue she has my blessing and my need to be humiliated hopefully will become an afterthought. I was cuckolded 3 times before but this time I believe I’m ready for the adventure.

Feeling lonely lately

It’s been a long 10 days without my goddess Linda being home and I cant wait till I pick her up from the airport on Wednesday. The first 3 days I was enjoying following her commands from afar with an occasional facetime calls but the last week it has gotten quite. My job has slowly becoming a hassle with new upper management decreasing my departments budget and more and more I have taken my work home with me. The house is quite and I’m starting to get bored with myself. The only positive thing that happened over this memorial day weekend was a spike in activity with this blog.

The site is only two and a half months old and I have been averaging around 7 visitors a day with around 15 views a day. Yesterday it soared to 33 visitors and 388 views before the sun went down. With all the free time on my hands I started reading other peoples blogs and followed many that I found interesting. I was amazed to learn that my followers were spread out to 20 different countries and as I write it increased to 30 countries.

I haven’t been in the mood to write any fiction as of late but I expect in returning linda will bring out the best in me. My key is sitting in a sealed envelope on the dresser and twice I was tempted to open it. I have been waking up in the morning with chaffing around the ring locked around my balls but a little cream usually makes it go away. I’m not sure why it happens but I believe my tossing and turning at night has caused me to pinch the skin when I lay on it the wrong way. The refrigerator is empty and I have been eating takeout food all week. Starting on tuesday I will be shopping for all of goddess linda’s favorite foods.

I know what linda expects from me but I always enjoy going beyond her expectations. Instead of vacuuming the carpets I will rent a machine to shampoo it. Instead of the typical flowers on the table she will get Roses again. My list for tuesday will include clean sheets,mopped floors,windows washed and her favorite shows recorded. The house is relatively clean now but I think she wont forget the results of her surprise inspection last week. Maybe that’s why she has been quite all week or maybe she’s having too much fun with a mystery man in my absence. Either way her pleasure always cums first.

Who is my wife thinking about?

We both had a rare day off together and i woke up a few hours before my goddess to plan a perfect day for her.It’s been a few weeks since i detailed her car so that was my first self assigned task. I charged my ball shock collar and placed the remote on top of her ipad signaling i will be on call and at her service for as long as she desires.I added a few other toys next to the remote control hinting of a little kinkiness if she was in the mood.

I was vacuuming her floor mats when i felt my first few shocks and i quickly ran up the stairs and kneeled before her with my standard response,How may i serve you mistress? She was still half asleep when she said flush my toilet. I got up and flushed it as my cock was starting to fill it’s cage and she pulled the covers over shoulders and fell back to sleep.Finishing her car i decided to make eggs benedict and her favorite smoothie.Figuring at this point she slept over 7 hours i added ice to the blender and poured the hollandaise over the perfectly poached eggs (I cooked for a living during college). With everything ready i put the blender on and felt 6 hard shocks to my balls.

It seems the blender was too loud and my queen was not prepared to wake. She grabbed the riding crop and whipped me as hard as possible until she tired of this game and went back to sleep. I returned to the kitchen and placed her smoothie, coffee,and eggs benedict on a tray. I knelt quietly holding her tray staring at her eyes waiting for them to open. Ten minutes holding a tray and it slowly becomes tedious but I managed to hold it steady for another half hour.

When she woke I put down the tray and handed her the coffee while she pointed to her feet. Towel and coconut oil was fetched as I gave her a deep tissue message. I think I found somebody I like she said with me being clueless on her sincerity. Would you be ok with that she asked and I said of course I would. So your telling me you dont care? she said. Your my boss I replied you dont need my permission. Please don’t fall in love just keep it purely physical I meekly added. How can I promise you that? I can’t predict the future she responded but you got me thinking about it. I realize I’m playing with fire but at this moment it seemed I could handle the gamble

After removing the breakfast dishes and drying her oily thighs and legs with a fresh towel (soon to be mine) I kneeled and asked my goddess how may I serve you? She picked up the flogger and turned my back and chest a light shade of pink when we both noticed this whip is also starting to fall apart just like the first one. Look at this cheap shit she said as she picked up the riding crop and increased her momentum. A couple of shocks to my balls and she scolded about buying crap again. The truth is the local store doesn’t have much of a selection and I should order online. I would like to get a single tail as I earlier wrote about.

I soon found my self licking away while she continued the whipping and squeezing of her thighs around my imobil head. As any sub would tell you, when your partner orgasms they in return feel some release as well. My cage was dripping precum and my balls were large and purplish but I felt a sense of accomplishment as the whip finally landed on the floor and it was time for her panties to be put back on. After that moment of pleasure the rest of the day became vanilla and not worth writing about but I did enjoy the occasional zap of her remote as my collar and cage was ever present all day. As I finish this paragraph and check for spelling all I could think about is who is my wife thinking about?


Mistress linda was a little annoyed with me today eventhough my service has been spot on for the last couple months. As I ironed her clothes before work as well as tending to her every need she complained about some of the posts I’ve written as of late. You are making me look like a drunk. Every story you have to mention my drinks, why dont you tell everybody about me exercising or working long nights. Well that’s about it because after that your day is like a queen with a harem slave.

Imagine what it would be like to open your eyes every morning and see your breakfast next to your fully charged phone and iPad. Fresh towel rolled up on the sink like a fancy hotel. Opening the refrigerator and expecting everything she wrote down yesterday to be there. Throwing clothes on the floor knowing they will end up folded in your drawer. Never wondering if the bills are paid or ever looking at the gas gauge of her clean car.

Yeah I do all these things and more because I’m addicted to the power exchange. I feel like I could try anything once except gay,sissies,children,or animals. Add skat to the list you get the picture. I would like to try more overnight bondage,public humiliation,cuckolding and edging. Linda is definitely going for the ride for two reasons and two reasons only. She wants a naked male slave to pamper her 24/7 and because she loves me and wants to make me happy. This is a learning experience for her and she does everything I like perfectly.

For the last three nights we have settled on a routine that we both truly love. After a little teasing and bodywhorshipping I ask if I could lick her real good and after she gives me permission I ask if she wants me to get the whip? A little smile came naturally all three nights and she tickles my balls with the riding crop as I lay on my side with my tongue doing its dance. When her orgasm starts building I ask please whip my ass. This didn’t start naturally but with practice she is starting to act like a professional dominatrix. She whips harder and harder when she comes then suddenly drops the whip to the floor and sticks out her hand everytime. This means get up and get her toilet paper so she can wipe her pussy dry then throw it on the floor for me to pick up. Next comes a towel for under her legs and apply coconut oil until she falls asleep. Goodnight