I know,he doesn’t

After much patience linda has finally revealed who her new lover is. His name is Jose and he has been doing home improvements in our house on and off for over a year. We usually save up some money every few months and hire him to build a closet or put down wooden floors as well as building a deck outside. His limitations with the english language leaves our conversations on the short side but linda and Jose seem to talk all day long . Jose is a 27 year old single man who rents an apartment 20 mins from our house and most of his jobs have been in our development. Even when he’s not working for us I would see him shopping or at the gas station so he’s basically a local guy.

Obviously my first question was how long? Two months was her reply and knowing that this was my idea makes the conversation relaxed and non judgemental. He innocently flirted and she cautiously flirted back until a kiss quickly escalated to a quick fuck on our marital bed. They both quickly got dressed as he continued his drywall task and she left the house with a sense of nervousness and guilt. She returned an hour later when her sister April came home and called her. Linda felt more comfortable having somebody home with her as he worked and they would never have sex in our house again.

His place was another story! His apartment was used frequently like some hidden motel room where all nervousness dissolved. Linda would wake up at noon to get some morning sex while he enjoyed a happy lunch hour. One hour a day was all they wanted and they would part ways there after. No phone calls no texts all arrangements were verbal. Jose constantly asked her if I was a suspicious jealous husband and she assured him that I was a mellow guy who trusts his wife to vacation with friends without him. We spend my days off together and that’s not going to change she promised.

Today was all about me! From 1pm to 6pm we were alone in the house but we stayed in our locked bedroom (dungeon). After I served her breakfast in bed we watched cuckold videos where the cuck was in bondage and I watched while being chained to the bed. She teased my unlocked cock with oil as she dangled an unlit Virginia slims 120 from her lips.(no smoking in the house). She told me from now on Jose’s cock will be pleasing her and your little dick is only for teasing. She grabbed her whips and made me count out loud followed by a thank you mistress after every lash. She stroked and whipped me until I shot my load 5 feet in the air. It’s been a few months since my last release and it showed. It was 2:30 when my horniness subsided but she wasn’t done with me yet. She lazily started watching TV with me still bound and started adding clothespins all over my body. She teased and played with me until I was hard again. This time she kissed me and stroked me until I was ready for round two.

I want you nice and hard before your cage goes back on cucky. All I could say is yes mistress over and over again. Jose is coming back tomorrow to start working on the kitchen cabinets and I want you buy him some coranas and a lime. While your shopping buy some steak for our lunch so I can show him my cooking skills. When you get home from work I will probably be in his bed but dont worry you will have a chore list to keep you busy while I’m gone. Listening to her talk while stroking me almost made me shoot my load but she stopped just in time. She waited till my raging hard on subsided and locked me up again. You don’t think I’m gonna wait till tomorrow for my next orgasm as she directed my tongue to her drenched pussy. After she came twice on my sticky face it was time for her coconut oil massage

April came home after work and I told her linda took a nap. I headed to the store to buy Jose’s steak and beer and I was basically ignored long enough to write this post

60 days are over

Had a nice session yesterday which resulted in the end of my 60 day denial period.The first denial period was 30 days and by trying not to come missionary style i in fact gave myself a ruined orgasm. This time around i requested bondage and teasing until the build up was mind blowing. Mistress linda was exercising in the morning as i prepared my self bondage. I usually enjoy tying myself up spread eagle but decided to tie legs together and used handcuffs in front of me.I took a rope connecting the legs and hands and circled around my neck then back to the feet leaving me somewhat hogtied. When the timing is right i will send out feelers to see if mistress linda would enjoying tying me up,so far she hasn’t volunteered and it’s DIY or nothing at all.

Since this session wasn’t planned very well i started topping from the bottom and she played along.When she walked in the bedroom and saw my predicament i said let me guess you want me to lick your sweaty body don’t you? I knew she would say no after asking in the past but today she said,” yes and do a good job!” I licked the sweat from her breasts and neck but she wouldn’t let me smell that pussy yet.Untie yourself and shower me slave was her next words. I was unlocked before turning on the hot water and spent the next 30 minutes soaping each other up and making out like teenagers.She whispered between biting my nipples,”how do you want this to end? I said a good whipping and stroke me fast with oil on your hands.

After drying her and a very long body worshipping session (90 minutes) I opened the toy box and took out 2 whips,ball shocker, handcuffs, and 8 clothespins.In the past i use to feel slightly embarrassed bringing out the toys,but now it seems expected as well as routine.Goddess knows that whipping and teasing a slave for and hour a week will guarantee the other 167hours will be filled with lustful obedience.The small flogger is harmless and used lightly against my balls is foreplay but the crop is always another story.The whipping started hard and continued hard until she stopped to talk.She proceeded to list every simple infraction i did in the last 60 days and the whipping continued as she spoke. The big issue was the attitude i gave her two days in a row when stress and frustration started to interconnect. Besides work becoming demanding i was boasting i could last 90 days and lately i was changing my mind.

A good 15 minute whipping and my mistress enjoys giving me a slow blowjob with lots of ball tickling.My mistress never puts her head in my lap while laying down but insists on sitting up against the headboard and i kneel in front of her face.She adds clothespins to my balls while licking my shaft.This eventually leads to the fast stroking with the coconut oil as she says,”you promise to be a better slave if i let you cum?” Yes please goddess as i unleash the largest load ever in her palm.They say a man ejaculates around a tablespoons worth but this was closer to two spoonfuls.Please stop was all i could say as i held on to dear life to the headboard.With every ounce of lust removed from both of my brains i new it was her turn for pleasure.I got out of bed and got a warm cloth to wash her hands. Without moving an inch she sat back while i faked enthusiasm and licked her just the way she requires.Sensing my lacking desire she hit me with a level 7 shock that got my tongue panting like a crazed dog.Lick lick shock lick lick shock was the rhythm until her body started to convulse.We both laid on the bed completely spent until we woke up three hours later.I woke up first and and bought some takeout just in time knowing that when my goddess is hungry she doesn’t have to ever wait.

Another perfect day

April 16th 206lbs (day8) 20 more days till I get an orgasm. I get tired of counting the exact amount of days but I know it was Feb 20th in a nice hotel room that I last came. The plastic ring around the balls is smaller than the one I liked but that broke while bike riding. I was surprised to hear that we have one more day together before returning to work on Wednesday. I was in a mood for some real slavery (as usual) but she was talking about the nice weather outside. I thought up a perfect plan that would benefit both of us.

I suggested that she should go out for drinks and shopping with her sister while I was their chauffeur. I will drop you off at the mall and then give your sister the excuse that I have to stop at work for a few hours. I wanted to park the car a few minutes later and wait obediently till needed. She loved the idea and suggested the shock collar and clothespins. At 3:30 I dropped my ladies off at applebees and circled to the side of the building. I felt 3 zaps and texted her confirming that it works. I placed the clothespins on my nipples and my hands on the wheel pretending I had handcuff on. Every 10 minutes she would give me a shock and then she sent me pictures of her drinks and burger just to remind me I’m skipping lunch today.

After an hour of sitting in silence (no radio allowed) my mistress texts me to go home and start the laundry,clean refrigerator, bathrooms,and vacuum. I will call you when I’m ready. These tasks dont take very long when your house is usually spotless and I ended up getting much more done before picking them up at 6:00. The rest of the evening consisted of bodyworshipping and my denial. It did turn out to be a perfect day for both!