Party planner

Goddess linda informed me that she is planning to have a big party on tuesday for her brothers 60th birthday. Besides my usual routine of 24/7 servitude for linda and her sister april,i have been spending all my free time shopping for food and liquor as well as renting catering necessities. It’s been two months of teasing and denial and I was promised a reward this coming wednesday when the parties over and the house is spotless.

After clearing the breakfast table and folding the clothes that were still warm in the dryer mistress linda indicated that I was to prepare her shower. I put her Latin pop music on the bluetooth speaker and layed her desired clothing on the bed as I was ready to dry her as she stepped out of the shower. I was longing to join her under the warm water and wash her back but she wisely decided my ball shocking collar should stay dry for the day ahead of me. Her first orgasm of the day was accented by the sounds of her crop on my exposed ass cheeks and the clothespins on my nipples were twisted for good measure. After dressing my goddess I started her car and put the air conditioning on high for her and her sister before they headed to the mall.

My chore list was full as it’s ever been with marinating chicken and cleaning the grill being the first tasks to accomplish. As the car was running with April in the passenger seat linda called me upstairs to the bedroom. I thought I would be working unsupervised while they shopped but my mistress chose some afternoon bondage instead. I was tied spread eagle on the bed as she tied a bandana around my eyes preventing me from looking at the clock on the wall. She slowly massaged my balls with her manicured finger tips until my body shivered with pleasure and I violently pulled on the ropes as she calmed me down with a few shocks to her balls. She decided to remove my nipple clamps for a moment while her tongue invaded my earlobe but soon applied them again adding a half dozen to my swollen balls for good measure.

Enjoy your afternoon slave she whispered as I heard her footsteps descending down the steps. A moment later I heard her talking on the phone as she approached the room. Give me another minute she said,I think richard is a little too comfortable. I know you have a lot to do today but April enjoys watching you work so you will wait here until we get back. Linda opened the medicine cabinet and applied a modest amount of icey hot to my balls knowing anymore would be unbearable. A pair of her damp panties were positioned so the crotch permatrated my nostrils and she was happy with her work. A few lashes with her flogger and a few jolts of electricity from her remote control and it was time to leave me alone. Before she left she loosened the knot around my right wrist in case of an emergency and made me promise not to free myself. I have no intention of cheating on a game that I craved to play all my life.

Tortured cuckold

Sorry I haven’t written in a while but summer usually means company and there has been very little alone time of late. Yesterday was the first day we had to ourselves and linda and I filled the cooler with whiskey sours and sandwiches and headed to the beach. Thankfully I was allowed to keep the cockcage at home fearing the saltwater would damage the master lock. The constant fondling while driving left a tent in my bathing suit as we walked towards the beach. Linda decided where to set up the beach chairs by searching for the cutest lifeguard and positioning herself facing her eye candy. She was pushing my cuckold buttons as she frequently mentioned how hot that stud was. The tent never dissipated as she had me light her Virginia slims 120’s and apply lotion to her back and shoulders. Judging by her constant stares she was in the mood for the long haired blonde beach boy type.

After a couple of drinks with me massaging her feet and her making eye contact with him it seemed like everyone was noticing us. We headed to to the ocean for a swim when I turned around and she had stopped at the lifeguard stand for a quick chat. Knowing better to question her motives we continued to have a relaxing day and we stayed well beyond the setting sun.

As we pulled into the driveway my lady casually walked in the house to shower as I was told to vacuum the sand out of the trunk and wash the cooler and chairs. My goddess was drying off when I entered the bedroom and she soon instructed me to lock my unwashed penis and change into some dry shorts. You behaved very well today slave boy what shall be your reward? I was thinking of a well deserved orgasm but the chasity device told me otherwise. I mentioned either a nice long whipping session or maybe some tight bondage would be fun. You earned both she said as I happily fetched her crop from under the mattress. I wanted to jump on the bed but I still haven’t showered and sand was still clinging to my legs and toes. Get on all fours she barked as the whipping started before I could get in position. My ass and thighs got most of the attention as I said thank you mistress over and over with machine gun speed. I entered sub space rather quickly as the onslaught lasted around 10 minutes which left me well marked and longing for more.

I assumed that after my cropping had ended I would be positioned between her legs for some oral worshipping but she had other plans. I’m going to tie you up outside on the upstairs deck and hang towels on the railing so nobody can see you. As I was gathering enough rope I realised the deck was covered with purple olives from the huge olive tree hovering above. Let me sweep the deck first I asked and she said no ( you made your bed now lay in it). What she ment was cleaning the deck was part of my daily chores that I neglected all week.

I cannot describe how disgusting it was to lay naked on these purple sticky olives and be hogtied with tiny knats flying around me. The tree was over 20 ft high and when the olives fell they picked up speed and splattered around me. I kept my eyes closed hoping one wouldn’t hit my face and possibly blind me. My beautiful goddess opened the blinds so I can slowly watch her dress and left me pondering were she was going this evening. Every couple minutes i would hear a thump and splattering noise as another olive narrowly missed me. I had to squint as i watched her seductively pull her black yoga pants on and yellow tshirt along with her open toed sandals. The knats soon started circling my eyes and nose as I rocked back and forth trying to avoid them and in result covering my body in a quivering sticky itchy mess. The shades eventually closed as loud salsa music blared from the tv.

My First thought was she invited the lifeguard over for a night of fucking and didn’t want me to interfere. My second thought was she didn’t realize there would be knats attacking me and actually left the house and me alone outside. After a few moments an olive descending at lightning speed hit my chest and splattered scaring the shit out of me. This little fantasy was soon turning into paranoia and was becoming more unsafe by the minute. The loud music made it impossible to scream for help and each minute seemed like an hour. Self bondage is one thing but these knots were not loosing up and anxiety was setting in very quickly. The whole ordeal lasted around 15 minutes when the door opened and she untied me. Linda is no fool and she was watching me from the bathroom window the whole time. I never showed any stress as she untied her primative knots as I simply kissed her sandals as said thank you mistress. I took the longest shower in my life trying to calm down and soothe my sticky and itchy skin. When I exited the shower she was gone and with no explanation she decided to keep me in my obedient cuckold sub space until she returned a little past dawn. Breakfast was ready just like she knew it would be but I was completely spent sleeping until 10:30 with her also sleeping naked with a grin on her face. Was she asleep I’m still not sure.

ATM Slave

Goddess linda worked a half shift and surprised me at midnight with me in self bondage tied to our bed. It has been over two months since my last orgasm and I was watching a long video on findom on youtube. There was no reason to watch this video it was just something that appeared after typing the words cuckolding and with my hands tied I gave myself no choice but to watch what was presented. My goddess was not happy as she watched as she got undressed for bed. Do you want to send our money to strange women she asked? No mistress I replied as she unlocked our toy chest. She decided that I would pay her a dollar for every lash from her whip. First she applied clothespins to my nipples and balls as she chose carefully the implement that would be suitable for my punishment. She chose the crop and made me count one dollar at a time.

One dollar thank you mistress,two dollars thank you mistress,three dollars thank you mistress ect… Usually my ass is exposed but in the condition I was in she focused on my chest, thighs and caged manhood. She stopped at 100 and slowly tickled my balls with the length of her whip between my thighs and my swollen balls. I squirmed slowly trying to prevent an unauthorized ejaculation as she mounted my face from above and started the whipping all over again as I licked like a mad man.

Her orgasm lasted over 5 minutes as my face became sticky with her juices and I was still tied spread eagle. She closed her eyes for a few moments before she awoke and gave me permission to untie myself. I wiped her pussy clean as usual as she commanded me to walk barefoot to the ATM machine at 1am. I obediently but slowly walked to withdraw 200 dollars still wearing the clothespins and my face was glazed with her dried up juices. You just added another month till your release my slave as I hobbled down towards the front door. The clock read 2:41am as I entered the shower to wash my my face and dirty feet. I quietly slipped under the covers after putting all our toys back in the locked box and slowly kissed and massaged her naked body while she slept. The night ended perfectly for both of us as she will awaken to some spending money neatly placed on her night stand. It was her money anyways but I sure she enjoyed my humiliation and her half shift at work.

More fantasy

Linda has been preoccupied lately with more than one of her family members having health issues that has been causing great concern. Nothing has changed around the house as I have still been doing my chores and making the lives of goddess linda and her sister april as stress free as possible. Fathers day was enjoyable with a trip to our favorite restaurant and the evening ended with linda on the receiving end of a couple orgasms and her usual massage. The guys at work were joking that fathers day and birthdays were the only two days a year a guy would be guaranteed to get laid but obviously linda never got that memo. As linda fell asleep early I was wondering what I could write about for this site and in reality nothing new at the moment to report so as I adjusted my cock cage and started thinking about some fantasy writing.

As a single man with plenty of free time on my hands I answered an online add from an older dominant couple looking for a permanent house slave. We met for drinks at a place of their choosing and soon discussed their expectations of me. The first rule was I was to be kept in chasity and was never to expect any sexual favors from either of them. The second rule was I would do anything they asked without questions and the only words I would speak were yes sir and yes mistress. The third and final stipulation was that every minute of the day I would be on video surveillance which they would charge their members a monthly fee to be voyeurs of their kinky household.

I felt a little uneasy about who might recognize me but they assured me all their members were from brazil only and no live transmissions could be transmitted in the United states. I soon found myself signing a one month contract and moving in to their modest two bedroom home. My living quarters would be in the basement and I would spend each night sleeping in a caged space under the stairs.

The basement was heated properly and I slept only wearing a heavy metal collar and shackles on my arms and legs. My new masters would occasionally look into the cameras and speak in Portuguese ridiculing their new pathetic american captive.

Each member would pay 50 dollars to have my new owners reenact their cruel fantasies for a 15 minute interval. Most of the time they wanted to see me suffer from their whips.

Or other times they wanted cock and ball torture.

Many of their members could only afford a flat monthly rate and enjoyed watching me spend hours in uncomfortable tight bondage while my Brazilian owners lounged quietly upstairs watching TV or reading a book

After they decided I earned enough money for them they assigned house cleaning chores while they wined and dined at the finest restaurants as I kept their distant audience amused. Back in my cage under the stairs as they fed me their scraps from dinner and placed a dog dish with water which they kindly tossed a few cigarette butts in to give it some flavor. All night long a light was left on to accommodate their overnight viewers

Tease and denial before shopping trip.

We had the house to ourselves today and after locking the deadbolt it was time for some bondage. Linda enjoyed multiple orgasms the last three days and our kinky game was mostly for my benefit,or so I thought. She tied my hands above my head and ropes kept my feet apart as I stood naked in the livingroom. For an hour she alternated between whipping my ass and massaging my cageless cock.

Tease and denial was on the menu today and I was to let her know when I was getting too close to shooting my load. I haven’t been adding the days since my last orgasm but it’s probably been close to a month or more. She added more oil to my throbbing cock and whispered, your taking me shopping today aren’t you?” Yes mistress I whispered back. Your gonna buy me anything I want? Anything mistress anything for you.

I was told to put the cage on as well as the shock collar under my shorts and the teasing continued as we drove to the stores. My goddess wanted a new TV for the livingroom and I started to get annoyed when she insisted on an expensive 75 inch model. My mood quickly changed when a series of shocks had me doubled over in pain. Who’s the boss she asked in front of a small crowd of people near us. You are dear I said when 6 more shocks had me staring at the ground. You are goddess I said slightly louder and she replied, “good boy.” I wanted to turn and see some of the reactions around me but i was too embarrassed and horny as well. She got want she wanted as usual.

Who’s the boss? You are goddess!

My favorite hobby

Mistress linda decided that I should use some of my PTO days since I was actively searching for new employment and cashing them out was no longer an option. Her sister April was enjoying her new residency and we were also enjoying our new income source. I took thursday off and while the ladies slept late I was given a long list of chores to complete before they awoke and expected their breakfast to be served. Mistress wanted her car detailed AGAIN and expected me to wash April’s also. Without being told I washed April’s laundry when linda’s clothes were placed in the dryer. The ladies enjoyed their eggs benedict while I did the dishes and swept the floors.

April asked me,”what happened you don’t go fishing anymore? I use to wake early on my days off to fish but she was obviously busting my balls. I haven’t fished or enjoyed any of my hobbies since February and she new it. In reality being my wifes slave is a hobby I yearned for and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Gardening is the one hobby I still enjoy and my goddess expects me to wear the shocker around my testicles when pulling weeds. A few shocks here and there keeps linda amused and she promised me the cage and zapper will remain our little secret. As the days are getting hotter my next chore is to pack the cooler and head to the beach. As usual I will make an excuse as why I cant join them but offer to chauffer them anyway. I carry the cooler to their favorite spot (near the young life guard) and head to walmart before planning their dinner. The chicken francaise was prepared as I awaited her text signaling they were ready to be picked up. As they both showered in seperate bathrooms I held Linda’s towels on my knees in the master bedroom and and obediently helped her dry off and dressed her. We all dined together but my portions were a fraction of theirs and I said I was full.

The evening ended for me as I was sent to my room as the ladies watched TV and relaxed. I watched my baseball and was waiting patiently for my lady to return hoping I could orally please her. I woke up the next morning and cleaned up a little before heading to work. Another day in the life of a 24/7 slave.

House slave

It’s been a busy week around here leaving me little time to write any posts but I found a moment to check in. Goddess linda returned five days ago on a 6am arrival and walked passed her breakfast and went straight to bed. Like a little puppy dog I asked if she would be be requiring any pleasure from her eager slave and she simply said no and pulled the blankets up to her chin and closed her eyes. A moment later she said unpack my bags and wash my clothes as she fell asleep and I was left to adjust my erection in it’s plastic prison.

She awoken at 1pm and walked down the stairs carrying her whip and ball shocking collar and said put this on slaveboy you will have a busy day today. I knelt under the table kissing her feet as she casually ate her reheated omelet and chatted with her sister April and sporadically pressed power level 7 on her remote. I tried my best to remain silent as she had me flinching from each jolt from her finger tips until she pushed her plate forward and motioned me back upstairs to HER room. She took the key from her necklace and unlocked HER penis and told me to wash it good and clean

As she leaned naked against the headboard she commanded me to put her penis in front of her face as she slowly sucked my ever present erection and tickled her swollen balls with her soft manicured finger tips. She stopped sucking momentarily and said what did you do while I was gone? I listed every chore I could think of and ended with “thinking of you constantly mistress “. Happy with my response she guided her cock into her pussy and then the whipping started. Fuck me good was all she said and her hips matched my rhythm and after a minute or two I had to slow down to prevent an unauthorized orgasm. She loves these moments of desperation as I tried desperately to focus on something nonsexual to make the performance last longer. As I pleaded give me a minute till my balls stop tingling she focused the riding crop on my left buttocks till i could picture the redness turning to black and blue

After tiring of stopping and starting she said finish me with your tongue and I licked and fingered her until her body surfed the wave of an uncontrollable orgasm that seemed to last an eternity. The harder she came the harder her whip strokes continued. The whip silently fell to the floor as I knew she required tissues to dry her extremely drenched pussy lips. After an hour of spooning her lifeless sleeping body she awoke and told me about some drastic changes that were soon to change my daily existence.

Her sister April was as I expected moving in on Saturday and our secret femdom marriage was already exposed. Linda discussed our dynamics during her vacation and April promised to never discuss what she has been told. To make a long story short I was expected to continue serving as a house slave and April would turn a blind eye towards my submissive nature. She will not question why I performed 100% of the house work and all the odd sounds coming from our bedroom will be ignored.

Having a pickup truck made perfect sense as I volunteered to move most of her furniture into storage and I spent Friday evening spackling and painting my daughter’s old bedroom. As I write this April has been living with us for 3 days already and has begun settling in. Goddess linda now has her best friend under the same roof and very little has changed for me. The breakfast table is set for three again and she spends less time on the phone as before. Both ladies work in the evenings and I just finished vacuuming all the carpets feeling a little exposed as I couldn’t help adding clean towels in her bathroom. To be continued….

Feeling lonely lately

It’s been a long 10 days without my goddess Linda being home and I cant wait till I pick her up from the airport on Wednesday. The first 3 days I was enjoying following her commands from afar with an occasional facetime calls but the last week it has gotten quite. My job has slowly becoming a hassle with new upper management decreasing my departments budget and more and more I have taken my work home with me. The house is quite and I’m starting to get bored with myself. The only positive thing that happened over this memorial day weekend was a spike in activity with this blog.

The site is only two and a half months old and I have been averaging around 7 visitors a day with around 15 views a day. Yesterday it soared to 33 visitors and 388 views before the sun went down. With all the free time on my hands I started reading other peoples blogs and followed many that I found interesting. I was amazed to learn that my followers were spread out to 20 different countries and as I write it increased to 30 countries.

I haven’t been in the mood to write any fiction as of late but I expect in returning linda will bring out the best in me. My key is sitting in a sealed envelope on the dresser and twice I was tempted to open it. I have been waking up in the morning with chaffing around the ring locked around my balls but a little cream usually makes it go away. I’m not sure why it happens but I believe my tossing and turning at night has caused me to pinch the skin when I lay on it the wrong way. The refrigerator is empty and I have been eating takeout food all week. Starting on tuesday I will be shopping for all of goddess linda’s favorite foods.

I know what linda expects from me but I always enjoy going beyond her expectations. Instead of vacuuming the carpets I will rent a machine to shampoo it. Instead of the typical flowers on the table she will get Roses again. My list for tuesday will include clean sheets,mopped floors,windows washed and her favorite shows recorded. The house is relatively clean now but I think she wont forget the results of her surprise inspection last week. Maybe that’s why she has been quite all week or maybe she’s having too much fun with a mystery man in my absence. Either way her pleasure always cums first.

Indoor slave when the weather is nice (long distance training)

After 3 days with clothes on my bed mistress linda wanted to watch me on camera organize her closet on my day off. Tuesday was a perfect summer day with beautiful weather and my mistress commanded me not to go outside until work tomorrow morning. I was to parade around in bondage with the shades closed basically giving her a surprise inspection tour with my phone. She wanted to see everything with zero warning hoping I would keep up with my chores unsupervised. Show me behind the toilet was her first command.

I new there was probably some of her hair behind the toilet and the scale but I neglected to clean the toilet daily like I would have if she was home.

She busted me with hair behind scale,dirty toilet,no toilet paper in guest bathroom,and not keeping her water bottle filled at all times. She was not happy with my laziness and had me whip myself 50 times on camera with the crop (sorry no time for ass selfies). I was ordered to spend the rest of the day deep cleaning the house wearing ropes and chains while the birds were chirping outside. No TV or stereo when you get caught so it was just me listening to the vacuum and nature outside.