Out of town looking for public humiliation.

Goddess and I have been out of town the last few days and today she took me to the mall which is fun for her and tedious for me. As we strolled around for hours with my lock making it’s clicking noise against my plastic prison, I found myself desiring some public humiliation. Linda had no such desires as I obediently carried her bags and remained silent. Nobody would know us in this town but this little fantasy was not shared by her and she did not want to cause any unwanted attention towards herself. I always have these thoughts when we are many miles from home and I guess this will have to wait until another time.

When we returned to the hotel room I handed her the whip and begged her to give me a good whipping while I pleased her with my tongue. Being behind clothes doors she felt more comfortable and left my ass with black and blue stripes that still hasn’t disappeared. She decided if I wanted public humiliation she would let me watch her eat her dinner while I pretended not to be hungry and only sipped on my water.

Linda ordered 3 mixed drinks and everytime the waitress looked at me I told her I was fine with my water. We headed back to our room and linda needed servicing again which I obediently licked her to three more orgasms and proceeded to massage her until she fell asleep. I’m laying in bed with her hungry and horny (4 weeks denied) and I’m still thinking about how much fun a little mall humiliation would have been……

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