Goddess linda came home from work the other night at 4:20am as usual and assumed I was sleeping but tonight I was awake and I pretended not to be. I watched her secretively as she undressed and put her tshirt on and got ready for bed. I noticed she was inspecting the toilet and moved the toilet brush on the floor looking for dirt and was happy that she was checking that my chores were done properly. She promised to be more strict with me and she was keeping her word. I was told to give April’s room a good cleaning which I did and she then checked her bathroom. I scrubbed her shower and sink and restocked her shampoo and toilet paper as well as windex the mirror and wiped around the toilet.

The next thing linda did was pick up my phone and searched high and low for all my activities. She knows exactly which streets I traveled on and checked both of my bank accounts looking for any withdrawals. She checked my Google history and then as I was peaking through squinted eyes she hit the jack pot. Oh shit I forgot to delete my history! She grabbed her earphones from the dresser and started to play the videos i watched on youporn. I usually keep my history intact and manually delete any porn that i viewed but today i left around a dozen videos out of the 60 or so that i watched.

It turns out I was viewing videos of a cuckoldress making her slave husband dress her for her dates with other men. I knew I wasn’t in trouble because I still wear my chasity cage when I’m at home. She probably thinks I left it there on purpose to give her ideas but that is what this blog is for. If godess linda is reading which she eventually will, I should state right know that I would love to watch her with Jose but most men would run for the hills so I know it wont happen. The guy works cheap and does excellent work (that’s what she says) so I don’t want to push my luck.

I got a text today at work with this image and her size and was instructed to stop at the mall and purchase it at Victoria’s secret. I dealt with rush hour traffic only to find they dont have it in stock. I sat in the parking lot and ordered online and headed home to find an empty house. Maybe in a few days I will get to see her big breast in red lingerie or maybe I wont. We shall see.

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