U ring

I have been having a lot of bad luck with my cb2000 lately. The ring on the left broke a few months ago while exercising on my bike. It was dark in the middle of nowhere and after a little bit or pain I removed it and put it in my pocket and peddled home. The ring on the right broke the other evening at my grandsons kindergarten orientation and I felt a sharp pain that made me nervous. I tried to adjust it in front of a large group of people in his classroom when linda told me to go to the bathroom and fix it. I was sitting cross legged in a tiny 5 year olds chair when it broke and I casually put it in my pocket and continued my evening.

Being an obedient slave I starting wearing the largest ring until I could order more from an online site. I went to work today and all of a sudden the chasity cage fell from testicles and slid down my pants leg and stopped between my pants cuff and my shoes. I started to grab it when a female coworker stopped and started staring at my feet. Being only two feet from her I tried to tuck it under my sock but she kept on looking. I tried to remain still so it wouldn’t fall down and I acted like I had back pains. I stood motionless until she walked away then I quickly placed it in my pocket with the numbered lock still in place.

I’m home now and tomorrow I will discuss some new rules with my goddess. I dont see any reason to wear it all day anymore. I started wearing numbered plastic locks in case it had to be removed because I was wearing a u ring much to tight but now I had 2 close calls in 2 days. As soon as I receive a proper fitting device I will wear it 24/7 but until then I dont need anymore close calls. My professional career is more important than my kinks. Do you agree? I hope she does.

2 thoughts on “U ring

  1. I don’t like the CB series of cages. I would try something different. Use that one to pick a different cage. But if it is going to fall off you, then absolutely you need to stop wearing them at work.


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