Paying the handyman

The kitchen cabinets are up as well as the new backsplash behind the sink and my mistress linda has never been happier. The kitchen sink was filled with dishes and the counter tops were filled with tools and dust as if Jose the handyman was in a rush to leave. Empty beef bottles and a bottle of wine littered the area as I later learned jose rushed home to shower and my wife promised to clean it all before meeting him at his place. Goddess was leaving me a message that my chores were to be completed as she rode his cock into the sunset. Jose assumed I came home to a spotless kitchen and would be thankful for his craftsmanship but he didn’t realise that I was aware or everything going on.

I was cleaning the kitchen quickly before April got home to avoid further humiliation when the phone rang. Linda was on speakerphone telling me she was drinking wine with her girlfriend and would be home late. I said no problem and offered to pick her up but she assured me in a few hours she would be okay to drive. I pictured the two snuggling in bed as I quickly prepared dinner for April. Fish ,broccoli,and rice was waiting for my sister in law when she got home as I closed my bedroom door when she entered the house.

This cuckold lifestyle was really getting me horny when I realised the extra key to my chasity was no longer in the envelope on the dresser as goddess anticipated my desire to edge myself. I was planning on asking permission but she denied it in advance. As I was watching the ball game I received a text. I want you in bondage with my red panties over your face waiting for me. I replied yes mistress and carried out her instructions. Was this going to be my first cream pie I pondered as I watched the mets and Marlins through the fabric of her aromatic crotched underwear?

My alarm woke me at 6:30 am and I was still tied spread eagle with her panties over my head all alone. I untied myself and showered thinking my paycheck was needed to pay Jose for all the HARD work he was doing. Everybody is happy at this point and only he is left in the dark for now.

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