Cuckolded with a picture

The party for my brother in law ended very late last night. The only two people who knew I was secretly slaving away all night was my wife and sister in law April. We had a system of electrical shocks to my balls that communicated what tasks were required of me and through out the night my goddess was relaxing with her stealth dominating powers.

  • 1 shock at power level 5 meant refill her whiskey sour
  • 2 shocks meant light her cigarette
  • 3 shocks and I was to clear plates and glasses off her table
  • 4 shocks and I was to make myself available to her for any reason (usually to sit down and enjoy a vanilla conversation with her family)
  • 5 shocks or more meant linda and April were getting drunk and wanted to laugh at my private humiliation.

I was enjoying every minute of the party as I was free to eat and drink and tell my jokes while grilling chicken and being the perfect host. Around 2am I whispered to my mistress that I was getting tired and wanted to go to bed. She told me to shower first before getting under the sheets as I have been sweating all day in the heat. I removed my shock collar from my balls and showered in my cockcage as usual. As I showered I can see the green light from the collar flash twice every 30 seconds as it sat on top of the toilet which told me I left her lighter in my shorts. As I was pulling the sheets over my body she walked in the bedroom laughing asking me,”where’s my lighter cucky boy?” I told her where to find it when she unlocked the toy box and put handcuffs on my wrist and said be ready to lick my pussy tonight and kissed me on the lips and headed back to the party.

The pain in my wrists woke me up around 10am as well as the swelling caused by my morning hard on in its cage. I removed the cuffs to urinate and kept them off as I layed next to her while she slept in the nude. I wanted badly to curl up next to her perfect ass and kiss it but I knew better not to disturb her when she’s tired. I eventually got up and spent most of the day cleaning the house and making sure the ladies didn’t have to lift a finger. We are both on vacation and when I returned from the party rental store the house was empty and i continued to find things to do to keep my self busy.

Goddess linda promised me a reward tonight so as the sun went down I fetched all my whips and clothespins and layed them next to the bed. I tied myself up with rope stretched tight and waited with anticipation.

It was 10:30 when goddess linda crawled on the bed and kissed me deeply. She unlocked my cage and poured oil on my throbbing penis and slowly teased the hell out of me stopping periodically to prevent any pleasure to her tied up slave. I’ve been reading your stories on pampering and denial and you seem to talk about cuckolding a lot. It’s only a fantasy I told her as she continued my drawn out torment. I wish this could last an hour but she makes all the decisions. You know I met someone she teased and he’s much younger than you. Did you fuck him I panted not believing a word and she looked me in the eye and said yes. Where I asked? His apartment a couple weeks ago she said. Was he good in bed? He lasted a long time and you can’t so the answer is yes. I was so horny I tried kissing her but she pulled away.

I dont think you love me she said seriously. Why do you want me to have sex with other men? I told her honestly that I need the humiliation of not being good enough to satisfy you and as my mistress you deserve great sex without regrets. This will make our marriage stronger and you get the best of both worlds I explained. She kept the stroking constant as she worried about falling in love with him and I stressed I was willing to share you as long as you don’t leave me. At this point i can’t ever remember being any hornier as i knew she was only roleplaying. I tried to kiss her again just before i came but she refused. She stopped all stimulation and again asked if i loved her. Yes mistress please give me a kiss i begged. You dont believe me she said seriously and i responded of course not you would never do it.

At that moment she got up off the bed and grabbed her phone from the dresser. It’s been a while since she took pictures for this site and I told her wait put my mask on to stay anonymous. When she said relax I want to show you something I had no idea what was about to happen. Then she showed me this picture!

I couldn’t believe it! She actually did it!

My first thoughts were kiss me and let me cum,but she didn’t say a word and I pulled on the ropes to get closer. Is this what you wanted to see? Yes mistress please let me cum but to no avail. She said no cumming for you as she deleted the photo. Think about what just happened as she left the bedroom and closed the door. I thrashed around for a while until I realised she was going to sleep in the other bedroom and I slowly fell asleep. I could have untied myself and masturbated but I’m too obedient to disobey my goddess. I wanted this moment to happen for so long and it finally happened. I’ve been cuckolded before but I always found out after the relationship ended. This time I’m experiencing it from the beginning and I’m a married man. Either I’m a lucky man or my life will soon be a train wreck.

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